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Jamey McCurry



That’s the age of Jamey’s first pay day in the direct mail and fulfillment industry.

Since then Jamey has been on the job creating solutions that address every project. His lifetime of experience puts him at the top of his game ensuring that every project, from just a few pieces to millions, receive the same care and attention to detail that gets them in to the hands of your clients – on time, every time.

Even with the time and devotion that Jamey puts in to All Sorts Mailing, making sure your project is handled expertly, Jamey devotes his time to family and community. He coaches his son’s football team, builds sets for his daughters dance group. He is a master at the grill – retirement might just be completive BBQ. When disaster hits he and the team of Operation BBQ Relief feeding thousands at any given time. He volunteers time with the Community Emergency Response Team with the city if Prosper FD.


Because of this commitment to his clients and the community have established Jamey as the go to guy.